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According to statistics on this website, over 10,000 roofs in Western Washington are replaced per year due to neglect. The majority of these roofs are replaced at 40-50% of their life expectancy,according to It’s quite common to see 20 year roofs replaced and needing repairs at 5 years in the Seattle area. All these issues can  be avoided with maintenance.The roof cleaning cost Seattle, Renton, Shoreline, Washington is much lower than the price of replacing a roof.


When you purchased your roof you were given a warranty. In order for it to be valid, your roofing needs maintenance. The American Roofing Manufacturers’ Association gives a step by step guideline on what maintenance is and how it should and should not be done.

ARMA lists [2] cleaning methods that void a warranty for most roofing manufacturers. They cite granule loss as the primary reason these methods should be avoided. These methods are:

  • Power washing  any asphalt shingle roof
  • Using any form of rough agitation when removing moss.

ARMA recommends chemical treatment as their approved method for cleaning asphalt shingle roofing. They have gone as far as to list the chemical blend and ingredients to use. Seattle Roof Cleaners follows the method and instructions for roof cleaning provided by ARMA to the letter.


cropped-PWNG-LOGO-EXTERIOR-CLEANING.pngWe are licensed and insured and have cleaned more roofs with the soft wash method than any company in the Seattle-Renton-Shoreline, Washington. You will also experience the following additional benefits when hiring us:

  • Professionally trained staff.
  • A one year no moss warranty.
  • A 100% track record in reinstating Homeowners Insurance when cancelled.
  • Keeping your warranty intact by following ARMA guidelines for cleaning.
  • A close working relationship with most insurance providers in the state.

Your home’s protection starts from the top down. Maintaining your roof and gutters is a basic requirement as a homeowner.  The average cost to replace a roof is $12,000. The average roof cleaning cost Seattle is 3% of the cost of replacement.  If you have further questions contact me at 425-501-3745. I look forward to answering any questions about roof maintenance you may have and helping you keep your home healthy for years to come. For your Roof Cleaning estimate in Seattle , Renton, Shoreline, Washington estimate give us a call.


The following are reflective prices . These are not exact estimates but are very close to what companies nationwide charge for composition roof cleaning.

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