Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Seattle

Dead Moss On Roof Soft Wash


soft-wash-roof-cleaning-SeattleSoft-wash roof cleaning Seattle involves the use of chemicals to clean roofs. This method of cleaning is employed to lessen the amount of damage caused by power-washing.The soft-washing roof cleaning method when used properly is far more beneficial to roofing substrate then power-washing. No granule loss happens when chemicals are sprayed on your  roofing.

ARMA [Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association] recommends soft-wash cleaning for proper roof maintenance. ARMA is the association that governs the making of asphalt shingle roofing. They are the leaders in the industry in the production and proper cleaning methods of asphalt roofing materials.

Their bulletin listed below clearly states that the recommended method of roof cleaning is the soft wash method. This governing body of asphalt shingle manufacturers has issued its recommended method. This is the method of roof cleaning we follow. 


Chemicals Used in Pressure WashingChemicals are the key to soft wash roof cleaning in Seattle. There are a few standard chemical mixes that roof cleaners have used to great success all over the country. There are also store-bought and pre mixed chemicals available that remove the stigma of user error.

There are some pretty good products available out there, but we have preferred to mix and use our own blends. This has given us great control in when to mix a stronger batch. A stronger mix is sometimes required to remove stubborn grime, dirt and stains.  Obviously, experience is key in choosing the right ratios. 


soft wash iconWhen mixed properly these chemicals generate a long-lasting safe products to roofing material. These chemicals are not readily available to the average consumer and the mixtures of this chemical call for exact amounts for a strong enough product.

The procedure of soft wash roof cleaning in Seattle is best left to a professional roof cleaning company. There are many hazards associated with cleaning roofs. OSHA listed 291 fatal falls on the job in 2013. This number is by far the highest segment of fatal accidents in construction.  We are always safety cautious and come fully prepared with all the tools necessary in a roof cleaners safety arsenal.