Window Cleaning Seattle



icon window cleanYour grimy and dirty windows are a serious drain to your homes morale. You may consider doing the job yourself if you possessive the right equipment. If you don’t, the question in your mind is who to hire and what price should you pay. PWNG services, a window cleaning company in Seattle, Washington offers competitive pricing on its window cleaning services. EZ Window Solutions can help you quickly and efficiently. Cleaning your window regular is an excellent habit, but with this you must know exactly how to cover it too as you don’t want the harsh rays of the sun affecting your skin or ruining your sleep during the afternoon. You can check out and Buy Blinds Online roman blinds if you want an elegant and translucent fabric choice blind for your window. Shutter purchase window bay is a cost effective solution, but it requires cleaning as well.


Ladder Leg Levelers-SafetyPWNG has [3] window cleaning professionals with over 30 years of combined experience. There is a method to any project you undertake. Owning the right tools of the trade is the most important first step when taking on any household task. The standard tools of a window cleaner consist of:

  • [5] Standard sized ladders: 6’, 8’, 24’, 28’ and 32’ feet.
  •  A window cleaner’s belt:  A specially designed tool belt capable of holding squeegee and wet mops while working at dangerous heights in excess of 20 feet off the ground.
  • Leg Levers: these fit on your standard ladders and allow quick leveling on uneven surfaces. A serious safety concern for window cleaning professionals,  is uneven landscapes where a ladder can tip over.
  • Surgical towels: These are the best towels for window cleaning.
  • Glass Gleam 4: a window cleaning chemical that leaves windows streak free.

The decision on whether you would like to invest upwards of $2000 dollars on the right equipment, for window cleaning in Seattle, is your choice. There are serious safety concerns in not owning the right equipment for any job. When dealing with heights, safety is a paramount concern to think about. Not having the right equipment is frustrating and a serious hazard. Whether you decide to do-it-yourself or your thinking about hiring a pro, proper training and equipment is the very first step when dealing with heights.

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