Wood Brightening After Cleaning

Pressure Washing a Deck Seattle


110312_0553_DeckRestora4.jpgIn our earlier post deck restoration Seattle, I discussed on one key issue that is often overlooked when going about cleaning a deck. Wood brightening after cleaning is essential to the cleaning process for a few important reasons such as:

  • It prevents dulling of the wood from harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • It stops and neutralizes the chemicals from further penetrating the wood pores.
  • It dramatically ups the appearance of the finished product.


WOOD FURRING-1When cleaning a wood surface, not using a proper pre-cleaning solution can actually damage the wood and cause massive furring.

Furring is the look wood gets from being cleaned harshly, the appearance looks like someone dropped a wool coat on your deck. Obviously no one wants a wood deck they can’t even walk on!

When wood is about to be cleaned its to get rid of moss, algae or weathering. Without addressing those issues that brought about the first cleaning, your left with a deck that might look clean but still has those moss and algae spores deep within its grain. Often times a light solution of bleach can get rid of those spores, but those chemicals can be very damaging to the woods surface. A milder solution is oxygen bleach also known as sodium bicarbonate .This green chemical does exactly what bleach does without causing damage.


pressure wash iconAfter a proper cleaning solution has been applied to the deck and a thorough cleaning has been done it is very important to neutralize the effects of the cleaning solution. 

A brightening agent such as Oxalic Acid or Citric Acid works both to brighten and neutralize the cleaning solution. It is very important to make wood brightening after cleaning a step that isn’t missed when restoring your deck or roof. Visit majoroakpolishing.com to avail their wood brightening and furniture restoration services at affordable prices.

When considering doing-it-yourself always make sure you are using the proper chemicals to get the job done the right way. Information and fact-finding can get you a long way from destroying your deck or injuring yourself.