cedar roof restoration Redmond


Cedar Roof Restoration Redmond

We recently completed a cedar roof restoration  Redmond, WA that offered us some very unique challenges. The pitch of the roof was a 9/12, one of the hardest pitches to clean.Safety was a serious concern and complying with industry rules on being harnessed off offered us some problems on quickly and safely restoring this roof.

Safety Issues

Here’s a list of some challenges cleaning steep cedar roofs offer that normal pitch roofs don’t:

  • Cedar is extremely slippery when wet.
  • Not enough safety straps or straps in the wrong area.
  • Power washing the normal way ( facing down is largely ineffective).

So meeting these challenges head on we come up with a customized safe solution to this cedar roof restoration Redmond, here’s how we dealt with the above issues:

Problem Solution
Cedar slippery when wet.  Korkers, shoes with spikes.
Not enough safety Straps. Installed double D-ring straps where needed.
Power washing downwards was ineffective.  Used a rock climbers belt along with safety harness.

The roof turned out perfectly and the job went flawlessly when planning was made a priority. In total  this cedar roof restoration Redmond was done on time, on budget and most importantly done safely.

Restoring a cedar roof offers some challenges that normal roofs do not especially when the roof has a steep pitch. These types of jobs aren’t the type you learn on as you go. To date we have safely, and properly restored over 60 cedar roofs.

 Cedar Roof Restoration Redmond

If you’re seeking a cedar roof restoration Redmond or surrounding give us a call or check out our blog for tips and tricks on how to perform the task correctly and safely. In some of our previous posts such as cedar roof restoration bellevue and installing roof anchors properly we discussed the intricacies of doing cedar roof restoration and safety. The job of cedar roof restoration is best left to an expert .