Cedar Roof Cleaning Mill Creek, WA

cedar_roof_cleaning_mill creek before and after

We recently completed a cedar roof cleaning Mill Creek, Washington that offered us some unique challenges such as:

  • Safety Issues
  • Large quantities of revitalizer usage
  • Large quantities of UV inhibitor to be applied on steep roof.

In the picture above we are using a repelling system and roof hooks to soft wash the steepest peaks on this roof. The roof was a challenge due to the shear numbers of roof hooks we were forced to install. Cedar roof restoration is a dangerous task and only someone with experience in safely cleaning should even consider trying their hand at this task.

As you can plainly see the end result of experience and safety combined gave us an amazing finished product. If you’re seeking a cedar roof cleaning Mill Creek, WA or surrounding , give us a call.PW&G provides soft wash roof cleaning to Mill Creek and all areas of Snohomish County