Roof Cleaning Safety


safety-iconSafety is a serious concern when cleaning roofs. Seattle is home to some of the steepest pitch roofs in the nation. When we are doing homes that have heavy moss growth like in the video above , we take every precaution to safely perform the task.In this post we are going to be discussing some of our methods and the tools we use.

Cleaning steep roofs accounts for about 50% of all the jobs PWNG does. We take great pride in having been in business the last 4 years without any safety issues arising. A lot of these techniques were brought into the company by my brother and partner Anthony Saldi.



checklistAnthonys earlier work experience consisted of bridge building and tower installation. Anthony came to PWNG with 15 years experience working safely from heights that at times were 100 feet in the air. He is our lead safety director and our weekly safety meeting coordinator.

The right tools of the trade are indispensable to correctly and safely cleaning steep roofs, never attempt to use a safety device you haven’t been properly trained on. Here are some devices we keep in our arsenal:


  • LADDER HOOKS: These hang over the peak of a roof and allow close up cleaning.
  • TOWER HOOKS: When cleaning steep roofs you must have 2 points of attachment. These tower hooks when connected to your Safety Harness help stabilize the user. They also stop the user from accidentally falling anymore than the length of the tower hooks which is typically 18 inches.
  • HARNESSES: Obviously you can’t work that high off the ground without having some sort of fall protection. When considering what brand or style of harness to buy , always think about how the harness is going to be used. All our harnesses come with D-ring hooks installed in the back,front and around the belt loop area. We have many places to attach ourselves to when working high off the ground.
  • CARABINERS AND ROPE GRABS: We have found it quite difficult to clean roofs facing down. The method we developed is to use approved D-ring hooks mounted to 5/8 rope grabs to repel downwards as we are cleaning. 
  • LADDER LEVELERS: A must have tool of the trade for dealing with uneven surfaces. 

 There are many other tools available for working off heights. We have found a method that works for us. Never attempt to learn how to use your safety devices before being properly trained on their setup and usage. The simple mistake of attaching a rope grab incorrectly can cause a very serious injury.

If you are not sure you are ready for cleaning the roof yourself, contact Prospect Heights siding contractors like Fusion Exteriors for professional roofing services.

Various office cleaning services ensure their employee’s safety and also make it a point to satisfy the employer.