PWNG is your one stop shop for all your exterior cleaning needs. Specializing in Roof Moss Removal and Roof cleaning throughout the Seattle to Tacoma area we have serviced 1200+ roofs in the last 5 years . We are Seattle #1 Roof Cleaning Company.

Pioneers of the “Softwash Method” in Seattle 

We specialize in bringing cedar,metal and asphalt roofs back to life with a no-pressure technique that doesn’t damage the roof it is being applied to. This technique known as soft wash roof cleaning uses chemicals to combat algae-lichen and their spores.

When we first begun practicing the method to clean asphalt roofs, siding and wood, most customers were unfamiliar with the procedure.  The use of hard pressure had taken years off the life of roofs in the Seattle area and we were determined to educate the public on the dangers of power washing asphalt roofing and siding.

Soft washing is the recommended method of roof cleaning by all major asphalt shingle manufacturers. Never allow anyone to power wash your roof. Power washing on average removes 3-5 years of a roofs life and will completely destroy most roofs in 2-3 cleanings.