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How to Seal Coat a Driveway

seal coating driveway seattle


21 inch surface cleanerApply a power washing soap and then pressure wash the  entire surface, be very meticulous. Any debris left over will be sealed in. We like to use a surface cleaner to make the job go faster. The soap helps you know which areas are clean. If the soap is still turning black during your cleaning, its a good bet you have some more power washing to do.



power-washing-a-drivewayAs mentioned in step 1, any debris not removed from the surface will be sealed in. We always provide a final rinse to make sure that everything is off the surface .

A great method to limit the amount of time spent prepping the surface is to use an edge trimmer around landscaping before starting your project.



concrete-sealer-prevents-water-penetrationEach product comes with its own method of application or mixture. Make sure to mix your product well and to follow the manufacturers recommendation on when to apply. Some sealcoat products can only be applied with another chemical mixture or during certain temperature ranges.



how-to-seal-a-drivewayDependent on the manufacturer’s recommendation, either brush, spray or use a pump up back pack sprayer to apply the chemical. Make sure to wait till the driveway is dry so you know which areas you’ve missed! Apply the chemical uniformly and as thick as the manufacturer recommends.


Seal coating a driveway is a good way to prevent water intrusion into the substrate that causes microcracks to occur, if your using a tinted sealer it also provides a great and fresh appearance to your entire home. If you’re seeking professional help for the task give us a call!

Cedar Roof Cleaning Mill Creek, WA

cedar_roof_cleaning_mill creek before and after

We recently completed a cedar roof cleaning Mill Creek, Washington that offered us some unique challenges such as:

  • Safety Issues
  • Large quantities of revitalizer usage
  • Large quantities of UV inhibitor to be applied on steep roof.

In the picture above we are using a repelling system and roof hooks to soft wash the steepest peaks on this roof. The roof was a challenge due to the shear numbers of roof hooks we were forced to install. Cedar roof restoration is a dangerous task and only someone with experience in safely cleaning should even consider trying their hand at this task.

As you can plainly see the end result of experience and safety combined gave us an amazing finished product. If you’re seeking a cedar roof cleaning Mill Creek, WA or surrounding , give us a call.PW&G provides soft wash roof cleaning to Mill Creek and all areas of Snohomish County

cedar roof restoration Redmond


Cedar Roof Restoration Redmond

We recently completed a cedar roof restoration  Redmond, WA that offered us some very unique challenges. The pitch of the roof was a 9/12, one of the hardest pitches to clean.Safety was a serious concern and complying with industry rules on being harnessed off offered us some problems on quickly and safely restoring this roof.

Safety Issues

Here’s a list of some challenges cleaning steep cedar roofs offer that normal pitch roofs don’t:

  • Cedar is extremely slippery when wet.
  • Not enough safety straps or straps in the wrong area.
  • Power washing the normal way ( facing down is largely ineffective).

So meeting these challenges head on we come up with a customized safe solution to this cedar roof restoration Redmond, here’s how we dealt with the above issues:

Problem Solution
Cedar slippery when wet.  Korkers, shoes with spikes.
Not enough safety Straps. Installed double D-ring straps where needed.
Power washing downwards was ineffective.  Used a rock climbers belt along with safety harness.

The roof turned out perfectly and the job went flawlessly when planning was made a priority. In total  this cedar roof restoration Redmond was done on time, on budget and most importantly done safely.

Restoring a cedar roof offers some challenges that normal roofs do not especially when the roof has a steep pitch. These types of jobs aren’t the type you learn on as you go. To date we have safely, and properly restored over 60 cedar roofs.

 Cedar Roof Restoration Redmond

If you’re seeking a cedar roof restoration Redmond or surrounding give us a call or check out our blog for tips and tricks on how to perform the task correctly and safely. In some of our previous posts such as cedar roof restoration bellevue and installing roof anchors properly we discussed the intricacies of doing cedar roof restoration and safety. The job of cedar roof restoration is best left to an expert .



Algae Resistant Shingles: An effective way of moss and algae control.


Many homeowners have had their roof fall victim to unsightly algae and moss . This is a common occurrence in areas that experience high levels of humidity. Aside from high humidity, algae can also be carried to your roof through airborne spores. Seattle is located in the national danger zone for roof moss and lichen. Fortunately, today’s homeowner has the option to choose algae resistant shingles, also known as AR shingles, to avoid this problem.

The History of Algae Resistant Shingles

Algae resistant shingles date back to the 1980’s when roofing materials were produced that contained alternative kinds of mineral granules, such as:

  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Galvanized Metal Powder

When AR shingles were first produced in the 1980’s, they were considered to be a premium option in roofing materials. By the 1990’s, algae resistance became a standard option and was available in most brands of shingles.

How Do Algae Resistant Shingles Work?

AR shingles work by using copper that is included in the roofing granules that make up the shingles. The copper is not noticeable to the eye; however, it will keep algae from being able to survive on the surface of your roof. The copper or zinc materials found in AR roofing materials also respond to rain which activate the algae fighting action. Moisture generally works to help promote the growth of algae, but with these special shingles, it helps to further protect the roof.

AR shingles tend to be more expensive initially, but when considering the cost of having to have the algae removed from your roof on a yearly basis, they are well worth the initial investment and will help to protect your roof for many years to come.

How Effective Are Algae Resistant Shingles?

Some brands of algae resistant shingles can help keep your roof free from unwanted moss and algae for up to 20 years. Products containing copper have been reported to be ten times more effective than zinc at keeping algae at bay. The copper is generally time released and will work to resist algae and moss build-up over a long period of time.

It is also important to note that adding some type of copper ridge or hip shingle containing copper will not work on an existing roof system that already has live algae or moss present. It will not kill the algae, but rather works to provide resistance to it before it starts.

No one wants to think of fungus taking over their roof, causing damage as well as ugly staining. In choosing algae resistant products when replacing a roof, you may be spending more money upfront, but for the protection and peace of mind that comes with it, it’s worth it.

How to Repair a Leak in a Gutter


Gutter leaks at seams are a common occurrence.  A gutter patch at the seam will stop a troublesome leak. This post details a cheap, easy and fast method to repair those pesky leaks! Leaks in gutter can cause serious problems check out this post to see just how much a leaky and filled gutter can cost you! 

Here’s what you’ll need to patch your gutter:

  • Scissors
  • Henrys 208
  • 6 inch non adhesive mesh tape.
  • A flexible putty knife 2 inches thick

Step #1


Clean All Debris out from the area being patched.

Step #2


Using a rag, completely dry the area around the leak.

Step #3


Apply Henrys 208, 6 inches past the leak on each side.

Step #4


Use your scissors to cut the mesh tape so it fits in the gutter.

Step #5


Gently press the mesh tape into the Henrys 208.

Step #6


Using your flexible 2 inch putty knife, apply Henrys 208 to the mesh tape, completely covering it.

You have now repaired the leak at your gutter seams. This method is a long-lasting, quick way to patch leaky gutters. The asphalt covers the leak and the mesh tape stops the asphalt from splitting in hot or cold weather. Although this was not our invention, we have used it with great success, and we hope it works for you too!

Shoes for Walking on Cedar Roofing

Shoes for walking cedar roof


Korkers are a good tool to add to any roof cleaners arsenal. They are shoes with spikes that grab ahold of extremely slippery cedar shakes. Cedar shakes are like ice when they are wet and it’s a GUARANTEE that a cleaner will be headed for a long fall without some measure of safety. I would venture to say that walking a cedar roof is nearly impossible even in dry conditions!

Although korkers are a necessity for safely cleaning cedar roofs they do not take the place of necessary safety devices for fall protection such as:

  • Lanyards
  • Safety harness
  • Roof hooks
  • Chicken ladders
  • Safety engineered rope

Seattle, Everett, Bellevue Gutter Cleaning Cost Comparison

Gutter Cleaning Coupon with Cost



gutter cleaning iconSeattle gutter cleaning is a job that needs done at a minimum of one time per year. Homes that have trees that overhang them, should consider performing the chore, twice a year. Here are some serious reasons why a homeowner should consider cleaning their gutters:

  • Fascia Boards will rot if water overflows the gutters.
  • Water intrusion usually happens from problems starting at the gutter line.
  • Water intrusion can start with a pinpoint leak and make its way from the roof to the landscape.


Many homeowners don’t realize how important the chore is and postpone it. Damages can occur rapidly to a home, with overfilled gutters. Areas of the home affected are:

  • Drywall
  • Foundations
  • Siding
  • Landscape

Comparing the price of gutter cleaning to having any of the above repaired, we take a look at some cost comparisons provided by different sources:



Having any of the above repaired will be much more costly than the cost of a Seattle gutter cleaning. If you are outside of our area of service, the links below will give you a good idea of what other companies charge throughout the nation.* These are estimates. Prices may vary by length, damage, place and any number of variables.




Snohomish County:

Arlington, Bothell, Brier, Darrington, Edmonds, Everett, Gold Bar, Granite Falls, Index, Lake Stevens, Lynnwood, Marysville, Mill Creek, Monroe, Mountlake Terrace, Mulkilteo, Snohomish, Stanwood, Sultan, Woodway

King County:

Algona, Auburn, Beaux Arts Village, Bellevue, Black Diamond, Bothell, Burien, Carnation, Clyde Hill, Covington, Des Moines, Duvall, Enumclaw, Federal Way, Hunts Point, Issaquah, Kenmore, Kent, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, Maple Valley, Medina, Mercer Island, Milton, Newcastle,Normandy Park, North Bend, Pacific, Redmond, Renton, Sammamish, Seatac, Seattle, Shoreline, Skykomish, Tukwila, Woodinville, Yarrow Point

Pressure Washing Services Prices

pressure wash iconPressure washing service is the process of using high volumes of water at 1200-4500 p.s.i to target deep down dirt and grime. The pressure washing services prices in Seattle, is usually determined by the material needing pressure washed, common materials requiring periodic power washing include wood, concrete and metal.

The process is the first step in restoration of wood structures such as furniture, wood decks, concrete walkways and cedar roofs. Restoration of  these structures call for exact chemicals, certain degrees of pressure, the right fan tip and many more detailed items that complete the job list.


There are certain chemicals that most pressure washing companies use, below is a table with the chemical, its function and the material it’s commonly used on. The list is not a complete list but merely descriptive of what is standard in the power washing industry.




Cedar Roof Oiling is it Necessary?


pdf-flatThere is a big debate on the benefits of oiling a cedar roof. A comprehensive and great research paper was written by OSU students, referenced in EC1271, September 1988. Their exhaustive research neither discounted nor encouraged oiling of cedar roofs. As stated in EC1271, originally Cedars mass only contained 3% of its weight in oil. With such a small percentage of its weight to begin with being oil, the debate on replenishing is faulty.

We are not stating that the oils should be replenished. We are advocating oiling a roof in Seattle to prevent rapid expansion and contraction caused by UV rays and rainwater. The stress of shrinking and enlarging cause wood to crack, it is our belief, that oiling a roof stops the expansion and contraction from causing damage to the shingle. The oil allows natural contraction to happen without stressing the wood it is applied to. You can visit the following if you are looking for Reliable Roofing for Stoughton roof installation.


chevronChevron shingle oil is a superior product for oiling cedar roofs it is of low velocity and transparent. The application doesn’t change the appearance of wood; instead it gives the wood a wet look.

Although higher in price than other cedar oils, the history and its long-established reputation among wood restoration experts make it possibly, the best choice for oiling a cedar roof or fence. 

There are many benefits of Chevron Shingle Oil such as:

  •  Its established reputation.
  •  Its ability to mix well with solvents.
  •  Its lasts when applied: many homeowners have said their oil treatment lasts 5 years or longer.
  • It’s easy to apply. A backpack sprayer with a round tip or flat-headed tip work great. There is no need for paint sprayers.
  •  Its ability to be mixed with stain.

When deciding to oil your roof, it should be done from the day it was installed. The ability to repair a cedar roof once the damage has been done is nonexistent. Maintenance is major issue for wood roofs. There are ways to treat cedar for moss that differ greatly from the way we would treat a composition roof. On average a 1200 square foot roof area costs from $16,000-25,000 dollars, according to homewyse. Yearly maintenance can run you about $400. When deciding to buy a home with a cedar roof or having it installed, budgeting for maintenance should be the first thing you do. The unexpected result of not maintaining your roof, can seriously hinder your economic circumstances.

Tile Roof Cleaning in Seattle

tile roof



Soft Wash IconThe chemical blend for soft washing works extremely well on tile roofs. The chemicals used for tile roof wash each have a certain function; TSP: used to remove rust like stains and dark streaks from tile roofs. Surfactants: used to stop the free flow of the chemical wash. Without surfactants the mixture would rapidly flow down to your gutter and not allow the mix enough time to work. 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite: This high concentrated bleach is mixed down to 4-6% of its original strength. The Sodium Hypochlorite kills moss, removes stains and brightens tile roofs.


Tile roof cleaning in Seattle are accomplished in many ways but we believe our method is superior for the following reasons:

  • Our mixtures work fast for Tile roof cleaning in Seattle. We don’t spend hours and hours blowing-scraping and pressure washing roofs. Being less  labor intensive allows us to pass the savings on to our customers. On average we charge 20% less than our competitors.
  • The chemical mix is designed for tile roofs. This chemical mix is used with great results all thru the Southeastern region of the United States. Tile Roofs are common in the Southeastern region.
  • Our mix is safer than pressure washing. Pressure washing can do detrimental damage to a roof. Tile roofs are no different. If the spray of water is shot upwards into the tiles lap, water damage is sure to happen.


checklistWhen Tile roof cleaning in Seattle, safety is a paramount concern. Tile roofs are extremely slippery when wet. Without proper training serious injuries can happen. PWNG is always safety conscious and we come  ready to reach the steepest peaks. 

The amount of dangers when cleaning tile roofs in Seattle can not be overstated. This is a job a homeowner should not try to do, without proper training. We spend over a 100 hours a year training . Tile roofs present us with the biggest challenge and are the trickiest to clean. If you are considering hiring a tile roof cleaner in Seattle, we would love to answer any questions you may have.