Cedar Roof Cleaning in Seattle



icon-sunSeattle’s’ climate is a ripe and inviting environment for the growth of moss and lichen. Combating these viruses on a cedar roof is completely different than how you would go about removing them from decks, asphalt or brick. Special skills are required for cedar roof cleaning in Seattle such as:

  •  An experienced eye, to know when the roof cannot be saved.
  • The knowledge on the strength of your cleaning mixture.
  • The laying down of oil in uniform way and choosing the right product.


wood-shake-cuppingThere are numerous problems a cedar roof can have that are just an issue of providing the right chemicals, to solve it. When mixed correctly these chemicals alone can completely renew a cedar roof, when mixed incorrectly, they can cause serious and fatal injuries to a personSome common problems treated with special chemicals are:

  • Tannin Bleeding
  • Moss Control
  • Weathering
  • Cupping and Warping


cedar shake profileIn the photo above the cedar roof has not been cleaned in over 25 years. The homeowner expressed his belief to PWNG that he had called us to make a decision that replacing the roof, was his only option. The quote on the replacement and removal of the old roof was 10% of the cost of a restoration. Proper training was a key factor in identifying a roof that had cosmetic issues as opposed to structural damage.


Although we aren’t able to restore and clean every Cedar roof, we have a 75% track record in repairing and restoring all cedar roofs that come our way. In the last 4 years that number would be over 100 cedar roof cleanings in Seattle. The bottom line is that no matter how horrible YOU believe your roof looks, it’s very probable that it just needs a cleaning.

Before you decide to replace your roof have a restoration expert give his opinion on the cost to clean and whether or not the cedar roof in Seattle is salvageable . The estimate and opinion might just save you $15,000-$25,0000. We provide free estimates to Seattle and surrounding.