Containing Water Runoff

document searchAccording to Seattle Municipal Code 22.800, it is illegal to discharge waste-water from a pressure washing project into the storm drainage system. Pressure washing runoff contains pollutants from cleaning compounds, not to mention the other contaminants that may have been released from the surface that was being cleaned. In order to pressure wash outdoors and remain in compliance with the law, you must have a plan for the disposal of your waste-water. In addition to the Seattle Municipal Code, sending pressure washer runoff into the storm drainage system is also a violation of Federal Law.
PWNG can help. We are an experienced pressure washing company with the ability to properly dispose of the runoff created during our projects. Instead of exposing yourself to risk by washing in violation of the law, team with the pros here at PWNG so you can be sure the job is being completed correctly.


Planning is Key

If you don’t do any advance planning for your cleaning project, you may find that the day comes to do the pressure washing and you have no idea of how to legally dispose of the water. Well ahead of the day you plan to have a surface cleaned you should get started putting together a plan for dealing with the runoff. That plan should include contacting a company like PWNG Services. We have the necessary knowledge in this field to guide you to a successful conclusion. At the end of the project, you should be left with a clean surface that has been washed without violating any City, State, or Federal regulations.

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