Gas Station Cleaning Seattle

gas-station-building-clipart-petrol-pump-iconGas stations, just like any other business, need to be cleaned from time to time. As the cars pull in and out day after day, there is bound to be small amounts of fuel spilled on the ground, oil spots, and more that accumulate on the property. However, cleaning up this kind of mess is not as easy as just pulling out a hose – there are specific regulations that cover the way these products are cleaned up.


surface cleaner-bg-removedSimply hosing down a gas station in Seattle, renton or Bellevue would send pollutants like gas and oil (along with the water itself) into the sewer system. Sure, the gas station will have been cleaned, but the environment will have been damaged at the same time.

In order to complete an effective gas station cleaning in Seattle, you will need to employ the services of an experienced and knowledgeable company like PWNG Services. With plenty of experience in a variety of exterior cleaning settings, our team will be up to the challenge of making your gas station look its best.


ScalesThe ability to contain water runoff is key to the process of cleaning a gas station in Seattle, Renton, Bellevue. While you might not have the capability on your own, you can count on PWNG Services to get the job done right each and every time. We will not only make sure that you are left with a great-looking property, but we will also follow all necessary regulations during the project. As a company based in the Puget Sound area, we care about the local environment just as much as you do.