Graffiti Removal Seattle

Graffiti Spray Can IconThroughout the nation, there are graffiti landmarks – walls and bridges taken on by graffiti artists, some of whom are, admittedly, very talented. And while some of these landmarks become community artwork, most often, that is not the case – particularly if the graffiti makes its way onto your home or office building.



Although graffiti can include beautiful art, more often it features tags and other offensive – and potentially dangerous – markings. While some tags are harmless, beyond their devaluation of property and vandalism, some graffiti is more harmful and an sign of dangerous activity in the area.

For example, gang graffiti is often the first sign that gangs are active in a neighborhood. If left intact and un-removed, the markings can not only cause the graffiti to spread, but it can devalue properties and encourage more gang activity. Keep your property and community safe and clean by promptly removing and guarding against graffiti.


grafiti-removalThere are many ways to remove graffiti, though painting over it and chemical removal are the most popular. Painting over the markings will cover it up, but if the graffiti is a repeat problem, eventually the coats of paint build up and begin to peel.

The chemical removal process actually eradicates all traces of the graffiti, removing the actual markings themselves from brick, stone, siding, and other materials.

Improper methods of graffiti removal or improper use of chemicals can damage structures, not to mention be hazardous to your health and physical well-being, so true graffiti removal is best left to the experts. PWNG Services is a local Seattle business with more than five years of dedication to cleaning and maintaining our community.

Our methods are proven and we have hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the Seattle area.If you have a graffiti problem in your area – or if you simply need a roof or building surface cleaned – please let us know how we might help you.