Powerwashing Homes



soft wash iconHouse pressure washing Seattle,sometimes 30+ feet in the air requires a special set of tools and a technique. The end product is a home that looks new.Algae and black soot can leave a home looking depleted. A fresh wash and a thorough clean up can do wonders for even the grimiest looking home.

It may look easy but it takes an experienced eye to pressure wash a home in Seattle. The use of the right tips and pressure are key in making sure the end product is what the customer expected when he/she hired a cleaning professional to do their house pressure washing Seattle.



The type of home such as vinyl, wood, cedar or stained determines the strength of the cleaning chemical. Using the wrong mixture can either enhance or make a home look worse than it did pre-cleaning. Have an expert do your house pressure washing SeattleSome key issues to doing a great job soft pressure washing a home in Seattle are:

  • Choosing the right chemical for the homes siding.
  • Taking extra time washing down and rinsing windows.
  • Applying the right pressure without damaging the home.


money_bag_dollar A home that has been pressure washed in Seattle can give many benefits to the homeowner. It is not uncommon for us to receive calls after we have done a service asking for quotes on roof cleaning, concrete brightening and deck restorations. It’s obvious to us that once you get going on tidying up your house, the simple task of cleaning gives the customer a renewed vigor on his home’s upkeep! Our greatest pride comes in seeing a grimy house make its transformation into a shining home.

For all that you get from exterior home cleaning,the task is relatively inexpensive. Below is a table with some averages on the cost to have you house pressure washing Seattle done. The prices are reflective and the siding material, height of the home GREATLY affect the last price.