Kent Roof Cleaning

Before and After Roof Cleaning

A diverse city to the south of Seattle, Kent contains both residential and industrial districts within its borders. If you call Kent home, consider bringing in the professionals here at PWNG Services to provide a thorough roof cleaning on your property. We have been completing high-quality Kent roof cleaning projects for several years and we would be happy to bring all of your knowledge and experience to your home.



As a Puget Sound area resident, you certainly understand what the weather can do to a roof. While it doesn’t really rain as much as some people like to think, the combination of rain, wind, and cold can easily to a number on the roof of your home. Our Kent roof cleaning services are designed to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible, and that it looks good at the same time. Rather than pressure washing the roof, which does damage to the surface, we use a soft wash technique which is gentler while still getting the job done nicely.

How Often Do You Check Your Gutters?

If you just assume that your gutters are okay all around your home, you might be in for quite a surprise. Over time, debris from trees can accumulate within your gutters – making it nearly impossible for them to do their job of moving water away from the house. We offer Kent gutter cleaning so you can free up those clogged gutters to once again serve their intended purpose.

Moss is Not Your Friend

As you drive around Kent and surrounding cities like Auburn and Renton, you are sure to see plenty of roofs that are covered in moss. It might not look like a big deal at first, but it actually can become a major problem for the homeowner. Moss degrades the quality of your roof, and the roof itself may need to be replaced prematurely as a result. Call PWNG Services to receive a roof moss removal in Kent and protect your home from this destructive force.

Thank you for taking a moment to visit PWNG Services, and we hope to have the chance to serve you soon!


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