Medina Roof Cleaning

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The beautiful city of Medina is sandwiched between Bellevue and Lake Washington – an absolutely perfect location to call home. With the lovely houses that line the streets of this quiet community comes a lot of maintenance work to keep them looking their best. The area is full of trees, and trees mean maintenance, especially for roofs. Contact PWNG Services right away to learn more about our roof cleaning in Medina, as well as the other services that we offer to our residential customers.

Life in the Northwest is attractive for a lot of reasons, but the weather certainly can take its toll on your home. Left alone, your roof is likely to wear out quicker than expected due to the wet and cold conditions we frequently experience. Medina roof cleaning is something that should be done periodically to your home in order to keep the surface of the roof free from debris and any growth that could damage the structure.

Moss Can Be Harmful

One of the most-important things to be on the lookout for on your roof is moss. It is common to see moss growing on roofs in Medina, as well as around the rest of the Puget Sound area. However, the moss should be removed to keep your roof healthy and looking great. Our roof moss removal in Medina is quick, thorough, and affordable.

Clean Out Those Gutters

When the leaves and needles begin to fall out of the trees around Medina, many of them will make their way onto your roof. Eventually, they will gather in your gutters and make it difficult for the water to drain properly off of your roof. To clean out your gutters, contact PWNG Services to schedule our popular gutter cleaning in Medina. You get to enjoy gutters that are free from debris without ever having to get on a ladder!

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