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Service Details: 

  1. Gutter Cleaning : this service item includes removal of all debris, flushing of the downspouts, an inspection of the system and recommendations on repairs when necessary. For an in-depth explanation on some of the system components checked during our inspection, read here. 
  2. Powerwashing : this service item includes a power washing of driveways, entryways and concrete walkways as well as asphalt driveways. It does not include specialty surfaces like hard and soft woods. Read more on wood restoration here.
  3. Soft Washing : this service item includes a gentle safe wash to your homes exterior siding. Areas of focus like gutter faces and materials like vinyl and painted wood siding really shine after this service. Read more on why soft washing is the only way to go when cleaning your homes exterior. 
  4. Roof Cleaning: we break down moss to under a 1/2 inch and put a moss killing powder to destroy its roots. This service typically needs done every year. Don’t let your moss get out of control. For a longer lasting solution to your moss problem ask for an estimate on soft washing your roof. 
  5. Window Cleaning Exterior: this service includes removal of all screens and a gentle brush down as well as window cleaning of all panes on your home. Let the light in this season. For an estimate on interior window cleaning fill out this form for a quote within 24 hours. 

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    Exclusion and limitations:
    The reference number found on your card must match the records we have for the home’s address. Each card was personally drafted by a PWNG technician. Reference numbers give us details about your personal quote such as the stories of the home , its type of roofing and siding and how large the home is.

    Exchanging reference numbers or selling them voids any offer made by PWNG. All promotional items and their prices listed on the card are valid with the purchase  of at least (2) items found on your awesome deal.