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click here for our price list PWNG is your one stop shop for exterior maintenance and cleaning. We have worked consistently in the last 5 years with professionals from Windermere, John L Scott, Quadrant and Redfin in helping them spruce up and make a home look its best. All our services are deeply discounted for real estate professionals in the process of selling, flipping or closing a home.

We also give priority in scheduling to real estate professionals since we know your depending on things to get done quickly .Here are some of the services we provided pre-sale to both owners and real estate professionals representing them:

  • Quick detail: Clean gutters + add moss inhibitor and clean up to 20 windows for $299 on most homes!
  • Full home exterior detailing: We power-wash all concrete surfaces, clean the roof of moss and lichen, clean out the gutters and do a soft wash on the house. The cleaning of windows on the inside and outside is also added for an additional charge per window. This service alone is nearly enough to get a house looking 100 x better than it originally did. This service can generally be performed for about $599 on most 2000 square foot homes.
  • Deep cleaning and finishing of exterior wood structures: This package includes all of the above services as well as refinishing of the decks and fencing where needed. Oil and stain are added to the wood structures we clean, at a great price since we mix and make all our own solutions. As an example we can oil and stain a cedar roof of 2000 SF for 1/4 the cost in materials you would pay for a commercial product.
  • Repair and home inspector check off list: Need caulk around windows? need fire arrestors installed or a downspout installed where a gutter sags? Need an address number on the curb? Has the chimney been called out for a cleaning? Are the gutters required to have elongated downspouts? Is the home loaded with garbage that requires a dump run? Are their abandoned appliances? These are items we have taken care of as a convenience for home sellers and realtors since partnering with them way back in 2008.

Our list of services also include tile roof restoration and cedar roof restoration . These [2] services make up the bulk of our schedule and its our specialty.  Finding a good restorer is a hard thing to do and we have enormous amounts of references when it comes to wood restoration and tile roof restorations.Give us a call for your exterior cleaning needs and we will give you our best rates possible. We want your business to succeed because our business depends on it!