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Well-known as the home of Microsoft, there is more to Redmond than just the software giant. This beautiful city is a great place to call home thanks to lovely scenery, a great location, and quiet neighborhoods. PWNG Services is happy to play a small role in keeping Redmond looking its best by providing affordable and professional exterior home maintenance. Our Redmond roof cleaning service can make it easy for you to give your home the care it needs.

Your roof is a vital part of the Redmond home that you love, but it will not remain in top condition without periodic maintenance. Roof cleaning is vital because it will wash off the surface of your roof as well as having any loose debris removed. PWNG Services does not pressure wash your roof because of the damage that kind of treatment can do to the condition of your roof. Instead, we use a soft wash method which is highly effective and safe for your roof.

Remove the Growth

Moss loves to grow in the Puget Sound area, and you may find that your Redmond home has started to develop a layer of moss along the roof. When that is the case, it only takes a quick call to PWNG Services to solve the problem. Thanks to our experience in serving more than 1,000 customers throughout the region, you can be sure that our roof moss removal service in Redmond will have your roof back to looking great in no time.

No Need to Sweat

Cleaning our your gutters is a project that can easily take up an entire weekend – if you even have the proper equipment to get the job done yourself. Instead of dealing with your Redmond gutter cleaning as a do-it-yourself project, contact PWNG Services and let our professional team take care of it for you. Keeping your gutters clean is key to long-term roof health, so don’t put off this important maintenance item.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope to have the opportunity to provide roof cleaning for your Redmond home soon!


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