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Dryer Vent Cleaning


Dryer vents have to be cleaned occasionally in order to function properly. The cleaning involves removing any blockages that may be inhibiting the free flow of air inside the vent. Lint may built up inside the vent and this is very risky to safety in the building. This is quite important as we will see in the next section and should always be taken very seriously.

Benefits of cleaning out your dryer vent

For a start, cleaning the dryer vent ensures that the vent works properly without having to waste a lot of energy in the process. Since there is little blockage in the vent after cleaning, hot air will flow freely hence making the process easier. Dryer vents with lint build up often exhibit symptoms such as clothes taking longer to dry, clothes not drying fully, clothes getting hotter than usual at the end of the drying cycle. In some cases, the laundry room may become more humid than usual.

However, with a clean dryer vent, the clothes will dry in no time at all and still be at a normal temperature after drying. You also get to avoid the burnt smell in the laundry room and it is not as humid meaning that you can do your laundry in comfort.

How not cleaning the Dryer vent can cause issues

A dryer vent that is plugged may lead to the dryer getting hotter than usual and increase the risks of a fire starting. A dirty vent is actually a fire hazard in your house and this should be taken very serious. A humid laundry room can also be a cause of infections that are airborne and this poses a huge risk to your health. High temperatures on the outside of the vent can also cause injuries in case one gets into contact with it.

There will be higher energy bills as more energy is wasted on drying the clothes. A dirty dryer vent is less efficient hence using up more energy in order to do the same amount of work. Though the build-up of lint inside the vent is gradual, it will accumulate to a point where it poses a dangerous health and safety risk. As a matter of fact, a dirty dryer vent can be the main risk of fire inside your house.


Safety in the house is a very critical issue and should always be taken very seriously. The health and safety risk posed by a dirty dryer vent should be kept in mind at all times and mitigated with routine cleaning. This will not only save you a lot of money in energy bills, but will also make sure that you are safe at all times. It is said that prevention is better than cure and you should always make sure that your household is safe at all times. Do not risk a fire in your house by leaving your dryer vent unattended and unchecked as it may turn out to harm you later on. So get that dryer vent cleaned today and stay assured that you are safe.