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Common Gutter Problems



Below is a list of common gutter problems we see everyday. The list includes some quick fixes and some cost analysis on repairing this vital part of your home. Some common issues found with a gutter system are:

  • Leaks at Seams
  • Sagging Gutters
  • Detached Downspouts
  • Downspouts not Properly Spaced
  • Excess Roof Shingle Overhang


Gutter leaks at seams contribute to water intrusion at homes. Hf-law  lists  water intrusion, as a very common insurance claim on a homeowners insurance policy.

gutter-leak-seamsIf the leak is documented on a residential sale , such as a home inspectors report or an Appraisal URAR , the policy will not cover any water damage that occurs once the leak has been brought to the attention of the homeowner.

While each policy contains different policy language and varying degrees of coverage for water damage, most insurance policies cover damage where the cause of loss was “sudden and accidental.”

The safest best is to have the leak repaired as soon as it comes to your attention. For an explanation on how to repair a gutter leak at a seam see our post here .


Gutters sag for a few reasons :

  • They have not been cleaned and the debris/water has piled up which made the gutters too heavy for the gutter screws to hold or
  • The screws/nails attaching them to the fascia have rusted or pulled out due to the above listed conditions, or because of age.

Once gutters begin to sag and they are not quickly and properly repaired water intrusion begins to happen quite rapidly. As discussed by the HF-Law article, avoiding litigation and whether you have properly done due diligence in a claim; is something you want to avoid. Don’t put this task off . 


This gutter has become detached from the home due to excess water weight .

Downspouts detach themselves from the gutter system. It happens due to the above listed gutter problems or because the rivet or screw simply failed. Reattaching a gutter downspout is a maintenance issue, just like changing the oil in your car, sometimes it just has to be done.


 gutter downspout placement

Gutter downspouts should be placed every 20 feet and no greater than 35 feet from each end.

Gutter downspouts should be placed at intervals not greater than 35’ feet. When they are placed too far apart the water slopes to one side and begins causing:

A. The gutter to sag due to the weight of the water held up on one side.

B. Rust at the bottom of gutters since water is sitting for extended periods of time.


carson Dunlop Photo | Excess Shingle Overhang Diagram

(c) Carson Dunlop Home Inspectors

If the roofing shingles are too long the water overshoots the gutter line. Typically a roof shingle should not extend past the gutter line more than 1″ inch. To circumvent through this issue, you can think of implementing seamless gutters on your house, which also add some flair to the backdrop. Find out more at https://1oakroofing.com.

The list of problems this begins to cause is a post in and of itself. We listed some costs associated with not properly maintaining your gutters here. 


Pressure Washing Services Prices

pressure wash iconPressure washing service is the process of using high volumes of water at 1200-4500 p.s.i to target deep down dirt and grime. The pressure washing services prices in Seattle, is usually determined by the material needing pressure washed, common materials requiring periodic power washing include wood, concrete and metal.

The process is the first step in restoration of wood structures such as furniture, wood decks, concrete walkways and cedar roofs. Restoration of  these structures call for exact chemicals, certain degrees of pressure, the right fan tip and many more detailed items that complete the job list.


There are certain chemicals that most pressure washing companies use, below is a table with the chemical, its function and the material it’s commonly used on. The list is not a complete list but merely descriptive of what is standard in the power washing industry.