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Roof Cleaning FAQ

[frequently asked questions]


Why is there still moss on my roof?

Your roof was not power washed, depending on your roof slope we either (a) manually scrubbed large patches with a stiff bristle brush or (b) chemically sprayed your roof and allowed Mother Nature to take its course.

How long does it take for the moss to come off my roof?

Dependent on the weather and sunlight conditions 3 days to 3 weeks. Your roof was sprayed with a mixture similar to weed killer. We live in a very moist climate and at times sunlight is infrequent.[i] After spraying your moss it is left moist and wet on your roofing. Its roots are dead immediately. Sunlight dries your moss out and then rain washes it down your gutters. Hoping to be as cautious as possible to your roofing, our process isn’t immediate. [ii]

What was sprayed on my roof?

A mixture recommended by ARMA to be the safest possible way of cleaning asphalt shingles. This is the method your shingle manufacturer recommends for roof cleaning. You can see the PDF by clicking here. [iii] We added Borax-Lo [iv] that keeps moss from returning. Check out  https://www.maideasy.com.au/house-cleaning/7-green-cleaning-tips-to-organize-your-home/ for a thorough clean-up.

Is this bad for my plants?

Yes and No. We’ve taken every precaution to protect your plant life by not over spraying past your gutter line and washing down any plants that were touched with our chemical. Simply put we are at your residence to kill a plant and there is not a green way to do that. If we damage any plant life we will do our best to resolve the situation with you.

How long does the process last?

You are covered for one year from the day you hired us[v]. Many of our customers have reported no moss growth for 2-3 years and as many as 5! The information we have garnered has helped us create a chemical blend that works. There are over 10,000 roofs a year who fail due to moss in our area. Wet and damp moss locks and holds moisture on your roof. Large patches create a dam and the shingles underneath begin curling and swaying. We have done as much as possible to protect your roof from damage during cleaning and have made moss growth very inhospitable. Thank you for choosing us. We look forward to keeping you as a happy customer for years to come.



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