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Dead Moss On Roof Seattle


pdf iconOver 10,000 roofs are replaced per year due to water intrusion, in the Seattle area.Lack of Seattle Roof Moss Removal is a major contributing factor to the number of roof replacements.Homes with infrequent sunlight or under foliage are the most prone to moss growth.

Moss is very destructive to roofing. Large patches of moss trapping moisture in 1-3 inch mats create water dams.Those dams then begin pushing water underneath roofing substrate. The roofing material is never left to dry out.



You can speak to any 2 roof cleaners in the country and the proper method for roof cleaning and moss control is always up for debate. There are standard methods of moss control practiced around the country these methods are:

  • Power washing to remove moss.
  • The use of zinc strips.
  • Chemical treatment.


click here for our price listChemical treatment, also called soft wash roof cleaning, in our opinion, is the most effective means of moss control. Using the right chemicals, completely kills all moss spores and prevents new moss from rebuilding. Most soft wash roof cleaner’s offer warranties of 1-5 years. We recently have started to collaborate with Jackson Contracting and if you feel that your roof has taken a turn for the worse, and cannot be fixed anymore, then we would recommend you contact them today to get the best services from them and leave all your worries to their expert professionals. 

Soft wash roof cleaners are secure in offering these warranties because they know that it took years for this moss to grow on your roof and it will take years for it to grow back, provided the right chemicals are used in strong enough doses. We make Seattle Roof Moss Removal Last!

The decision on what method is the right method for Seattle Roof Moss Removal is always up for debate. PWNG uses the chemical soft washing method to soundly control moss. We stand by our service and offer a 1-year warranty with every Seattle Roof Moss Removal. We look forward to any comments or questions our readers might have and we welcome an open discussion on roof cleaning.