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Adding a pigment to oil



Cedar_Roof_West_Seattle_ Before and AfterWe recently completed a cedar roof restoration in Shoreline, WA. The use of 2 different pigments gave the roof a natural wood look. One of the things I never liked about adding stains to wood is how unnatural the even color looks on a roof. We kept the oil that we always recommend but added just a little bit of tint . The overall appearance was night and day as can be seen from the photos below.


ChevronThe use of a pigment when oiling a cedar roof goes along way in both protecting the roof and making the appearance uniform. When cleaning sometimes up to 3000 square feet of roofing , you will definitely miss small spots or have off coloring due to either patches in the wood or just the color differences some pieces of shake have when you’re done cleaning. The pigment helps blend in any darker spots and when mixed with our preferred brand of shake oil , gives the roof a look I have never seen before on any stained cedar roof before.

One of my favorite things to see is the look on the customers face when we are done oiling and adding pigment. Most of the time its pure shock that we could get the roof looking this way again.I am always surprised myself in the big differences either a little less oil, or pigment can have on a roof.

There are many stains who try giving this appearance to a roof but they fall short in their levels of protection , like a cedar oil does. We discussed the benefits of oiling a cedar roof in this post.


Cedar_Roof_Seattle_Experience plays a key role in darkening and lightening certain areas of the roof when you are staining it. There are times Ill slightly mix up the ratio of oil-lacquer thinner and pigment to give the roof an off color. Other times depending on the coloring of the siding, Ill add a natural cedar and also a smaller amount of blonde stain to the mix to really mix it up. What’s left is a finished product like the one above , where 2 different colors created a unique and natural wood look.

Cedar Roof Cleaning Mill Creek, WA

cedar_roof_cleaning_mill creek before and after

We recently completed a cedar roof cleaning Mill Creek, Washington that offered us some unique challenges such as:

  • Safety Issues
  • Large quantities of revitalizer usage
  • Large quantities of UV inhibitor to be applied on steep roof.

In the picture above we are using a repelling system and roof hooks to soft wash the steepest peaks on this roof. The roof was a challenge due to the shear numbers of roof hooks we were forced to install. Cedar roof restoration is a dangerous task and only someone with experience in safely cleaning should even consider trying their hand at this task.

As you can plainly see the end result of experience and safety combined gave us an amazing finished product. If you’re seeking a cedar roof cleaning Mill Creek, WA or surrounding , give us a call.PW&G provides soft wash roof cleaning to Mill Creek and all areas of Snohomish County

Cedar Roof Restoration Bellevue


Cedar is a great product to have as a roof covering. With a proper maintenance plan, the roof can last many years and even decades. Bellevue, Washington is home to many residences that have cedar as a roof covering. Many of these homes in Bellevue have shake roofs that are 20-40 years old!


Although cedar is durable and requires little attention, a total lack of maintenance can seriously hamper the roofs’ life. Proper maintenance consists of:

  • Blowing leaves and debris off the roof.
  • Repairing damaged ridge cap and shingles.
  • Periodic power-washing and cleaning of the surface of the cedar shakes.
  • UV protection every 3-5 years.
  • The application of moss killing chemicals or zinc ridge caps.

Following a basic maintenance plan, can give you the full life cycle of your roofing. It may even prolong the roof way past its life expectancy. There is no method to restore a cedar roof in Bellevue,which has gone long periods of time without maintenance.


Cedar_Roof_Cleaning_SeattlepropAlthough, your roof may look like it is past the point of a restoration; a safe bet would be to have a contractor give an opinion on whether it is salvageable. If the roofing substrate is not completely damaged and rotted, there is still hope for a cedar roof. The restoration process consists of:

    1. Cleaning
    2. Repairing Damaged Boards
    3. Neutralizing and Revitalizing
    4. Oiling
    5. Installing Zinc Strips or washing with potassium salts


eye glassWhen comparing the cost of a restoration to a having a new roof installed; restoration is also very economical.The cost of a restoration is about 10% of cost of a roof replacement. On average a 2500 square foot home with a cedar roof in Bellevue can be restored for about $2000 plus ridge and shakes. That same size home can cost upwards of $25,000 to have replaced. As you can see the benefits of restoring make a lot of sense. If you have questions on whether your roof is able to be restored or you just don’t like the look of greying, weathered and dirty Cedar roofing, give us a call. We are experts at cedar roof restoration in Bellevue.


We provide cedar roof cleaning and oiling to the following cities:

Alderwood- Ames Lake- Arlington -Auburn- Ballard- Bellevue-Belltown-Bothell-Bridle Trails-Brier-Burien-Covington Crossroads -Des Moines-Edgewood-Edmonds-Everett-Evergreen-Fall City-Federal Way-Ferndale-Granite Falls-Hunts Point-Issaquah-Issaquah Highlands-Juanita-Kenmore-Kent-Kingsgate-Kirkland-La Conner-Lake City-Lake Forest Park-Lake Goodwin-Lake Stevens-Lynnwood Madison Park-Magnolia-Maltby-Maple Valley-Marysville-Medina-Mercer Island-Mill Creek-Monroe-Mountlake Terrace-Mukilteo Newcastle-North Bend-Overlake-Parkland-Puyallup-Rainier Valley-Redmond-Renton-Rose Hill-Sammamish-Sand Point-SeaTac Seattle-Sedro-Woolley-Shoreline-Smokey Point-Snohomish-Snoqualmie-Spanaway-Stanwood-Tacoma-Totem Lake-Tukwila -University Place-White Center-Woodinville-Yarrow Point

Why Cedar Shakes Turn Grey

grey cedar shakesWhen wood is exposed to the effects of sunlight and moisture, its surface begins to change. This change is commonly called weathering. The initial change from reddish brown to silvery gray is the result of the ultraviolet rays from sun exposure.This usually happens within the first year of installation. Eventually the roof will take on a darker gray color. This indicates that your roof is being colonized by micro fungi. PWNG specializes in cedar roof cleaning Seattle.


wood-shake-cuppingOriginally your cedar shingle had only 3% of its weight as oil.[1] The effects of oiling a roof are temporary. UV rays break down the oils applied to cedar shakes in most instances within 3 years. Maintaining the oil on your roof should be a tri-yearly occurrence. The oils allow natural contraction and expansion that the cedar shake experiences, due to changes in weather such as:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • UV exposure

These stresses to the wood cause micro-cracks. As an example, a butchers block , needs to be dried and should never be put away wet. When it is left out wet and the heat in the home is turned up or it is near a stove, it warps and cups. The warping is caused by expansion and contraction and a lack of moisture. Every butchers block made of wood, instructs the buyer on oiling with mineral oil.  The exact procedure should be applied to cedar shakes.




cedar shake profileLosing 1/5 of your roofs life in one cedar roof cleaning Seattle , should only be done in extreme circumstances .When excessive moss and fungi have been left untreated on your roofing, it is time to power wash. You should go in knowing that you are power washing to remove debris and moss that’s accumulated. Yes your roof will look great. This is only temporary though.

There is no way short of trapping your entire roof off; to prevent the weathering caused by UV exposure. We are there to remove debris and moss and apply a moss control agent. This should be done at most once every 5-7 years. Our process for cedar roof cleaning Seattle is to use a safe organic compound known as Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids.[2]Mixed with some simple household detergent to make it stick, this chemical blend naturally kills all moss spores.


Cedar_Roof_Restoration_BellevueYou can periodically clean your cedar roof in Seattle with a power washer. The top grey layer of exposed cedar is removed and you’re left with a fresh new layer. This should only be done for maintenance. On average ¼-3/16 inch of cedar is removed per cleaning. When deciding to apply stains and oils, keep in mind that, the sun will break down any coating or stain applied, eventually. In summary, cedars appearance if left outside in any sunlight: is grey. This is its natural color and there is no product on the market today, which can withstand 365 days of rain and sun a year.

PWNG can’t stress enough that cedar shake roof restoration in Seattle is a maintenance issue .Applying our chemical blend once a year is fairly inexpensive, under $400 in most instances. The local average of replacing a shake roof is. between $350-550 a square [10×10 feet] .Budgeting this as a yearly maintenance cost is a lot less expensive then replacing your entire roof.




Helpful Links and Maintenance Manual

[1] Oregon State University Extension Service (Publication EC1271)